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It is always very special to me when I get to meet a young man as a freshman in college and watch him grow into the man he dreamed of becoming. Michael Cartagena dreamed from the very first year I met him of working for a church, marrying a beautiful woman and starting a family. […]

They embraced hands from around the corner but they couldn’t see each other yet. It was a special first touch before the ceremony. A first touch is what couples sometimes decide to do when they don’t want to see each other before the ceremony but want to have a few quality moments alone together. It’s […]

Road trips are so fun! I usually think they are best experienced with beef jerky and peanut butter M&M’s but when I go to a destination location with my clients, my favorite thing is actually something different – it is the conversation along the way. I love hearing their love story and how they came […]

Oh my goodness!! What a sweet and beautiful wedding to capture!! It was literally a delight from beginning to end!! First of all, I already know that Julia is one of the finest human beings on the face of the planet because she helps me photograph weddings. Yes, that’s right! This was extra special because […]

This is one special couple. This beautiful duo radiates love and joy literally with every moment you are around them. Courtney and Tate met as college students at Grand Canyon University. They had mutual friends who knew they would be perfect together but somehow every conversation they tried to start felt forced…. That is until […]

“Will you love me forever? And will you go on crazy adventures with me?” These are the two questions that Andrew used to set up his proposal to Tori. They were in Prescott among the twinkle lights that had been set up for the holidays. She said yes without hesitation.   They truly were a […]

He hadn’t seen her all day. He told me just before that he was feeling nervous. He walked down to the front with his officiant and then welcomed his bridal party as they came down the center aisle. He turned his back away from where she would come walking down the aisle. The sun gleamed […]

Austinn gave his girlfriend a very special gift this last Christmas – it was a coupon book. This little coupon book contained over two years worth of 40 coupons to be redeemed on various adventures, romantic notions, and fun. Talk about a gift!! It was totally them, totally creative, totally fun, and totally sweet. The […]

Wow! If you were to hear Danielle and Josh‘s wedding vows to each other – you would understand how beautifully heartfelt and genuine their love for each other is. As the sun approached sunset, we beheld a breathtaking mountainous golf course view. The bridal party had just walked down to glorious violin music and our […]

A moment alone, where they could just talk and be themselves, where everything felt right with the world, that would make them completely ready for their big moment. I first heard this phenomenon when Josh described his lunch with Whitney right before the night he proposed. Something about being together–their united presence, her warm smile, […]

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